Candled Ltd

Candled Ltd is a UK company based in the south west of England, which designs and manufactures real wax realistic LED candles.The ‘flame’ is created by unique LED lighting technology which mimics the spectral quality of a real candle and replicates the dancing and flickering of a real flame. The result is a beautiful LED candle made of real wax which is hard to distinguish from a traditional candle.


The client required an all new WordPress website to showcase their product and demonstrate the effectiveness of their 'real flame effect' LED candle. With no current site, logo or branding, this really was a 'clean sheet' and we were delighted to aid the Candled team in creating a worthy site and branding for their new product.

The brief included:

  • Creation of a new website to showcase the product range
  • Movie banner to demonstrate a working LED candle in situ
  • Logo, Branding and Stationary designs - supply of vector artwork for print.
  • Remote control label design


This fully responsive site was built on the latest WordPress CMS. Great care was taken to ensure that the site functions effectively on even the least capable mobile device, for an optimised browsing experience.

Inclusive website training ensures that Candled staff are able to make full use of website features and add additional content whenever they wish.


We love the website that WDL have created for us. Very helpful advice on how to manage the site post publication. Thank you!